3 looks for braving the cold in style

Winter Date Night Look

Record low temps are bearing down on most of the country, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t face the day with style. Heading to Work Stay warm and look polished with this richly colored tipped coat, a classic Burberry … Continue reading

‘Tis the season for plaid

As evidenced by the name of my blog, the 90s were a very influential time in my life.  So it only makes sense that I’d be drawn to plaid flannel this season. This outfit was very affordable and is a perfect casual, cute … Continue reading

Baby, it’s cold outside

Items to make winter a little warmer

I’ve lived in New England for my entire life, but I’m still not used to winter.  Every year I’m surprised (and horrified!) by that first blast of winter, especially when it comes in November. I’d like to share a few of … Continue reading

What to wear??

For me the right or wrong outfit can make or break a night.  I’d usually rather be overdressed than underdressed – but I never want to seem like I’m trying too hard.  This brings me to a recent PTO event … Continue reading