5 casual holiday looks for girls

We love getting dressed and all the better when there is a theme!  Here are five fun looks that helped us feel festive the whole week of school leading up to the big day.

snowflakes and shine

snowflakes and shine

How can you go wrong with shiny silver jeans and a polka dot belt when you are five?

Snowflake t (J.crew (old) – similar, and really similar (Gap)) | Polka dot belt (Not sure it came on some navy shorts we got a few years ago) | Metallic coated Jeans (Gap) | Navy riding boots (Land’s End)

  • Reviews – I was excited to find cute navy riding boots.  I love brown, but she’s not a fan and black just doesn’t match enough of her wardrobe.  So far they seem  to be comfortable and durable as well.
Santa's head elf

Santa’s head elf

She LOVES the Misfit Toys from Rudolph, so on this day she proclaimed to be Santa’s Head Elf and agreed to wear the green striped shirt – which until then I couldn’t convince her to do.  But I got it on clearance at the Gap for about $2, so no hard feelings if this becomes a play shirt after this one great “elf outfit”.

Christmas lights tee shirt (Target) | Green – striped tee shirt (Gap) | Purple jeans (Gap – similar) | Our favorite pink chukka boots (Land’s End)

  • Reviews – We love these pink chukka boots from Land’s End.  Last season she had a silver sparkly pair from Naturino and those were great as well.  They look great with jeans and skirts and are very soft suede, which makes them quite comfortable as well.

A simple statement

We’ve had this necklace for ages and she never wanted to wear it, but I’ve always loved it. That’s why I’m a semi-hoarder, you just never know when an accessory or item of clothing will have it’s time.

Blue statement necklace (Gymboree (old) | Blue tee shirt (Target) | Teal leggings (Target) | Ski Jacket (Mini-Boden)

  • Reviews – The leggings and tee shirt are cute and soft.  The coat is super cute and has some really nice features, like inside buttons around the waist to keep snow from getting in, but the zipper is sticky.  My son also has the same jacket in a boy’s version and his zipper sticks as well, otherwise it’s a great jacket. 
Holiday Concert Looks

Holiday Concert Looks

I just love these two, and holiday concert day is one of my favorite days of the year!

Nick – J.Crew, all around – Navy Half-Zip (similar) | Navy and Green Snowflake tie (similar) | White button down shirt | Gray chinos (similar)

Gracyn – Gap, all around – Cranberry cardigan (similar) | Plaid wool skirt | Sparkle Tights (similar) | Gold and purple mary janes – Livie and Luca

  • Reviews – I can’t say enough about the J.Crew (and J.Crew Factory) half-zips for boys.  They have been my go to “handsome clothes” (Nick views anything other than tee shirts and mesh shorts as “handsome clothes”) for years .  They are versatile, wash well, comfortable and of course – super cute! 
  • The wool skirt is adorable, but it’s dry clean only which I usually avoid for children’s clothing.  Plus it’s a mini-skirt, so little shorts are a must for school. 
  • Livie and Luca shoes are awesome!  They are so well made and comfortable.  They fit a wider foot really well and they can hold up to the tough demands kids put on them.  The only downside is that they only come in whole sizes.  We’ve been buying Livie and Luca for a few years and can’t recommend highly enough!
Nod to a classic

Nod to a classic

It’s not Christmas until I watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, so I had to get this shirt when I saw it!

Navy cardigan (Land’s End) | Griswold Family Christmas tee shirt (Target) | Purple tulle skirt (old, Target) | Navy leggings (Land’s End) | Purple sparkle boots (Nordstrom Rack)

  • Reviews – I’ve been happy with the quality of Land’s End clothing.  The tulle skirts is at least 3 years old and she’s worn it countless times.  The purple boots aren’t as warm, or as waterproof as real Uggs, but they were $25 and they are sparkly, so for a 5 year old they make sense.

As I revisited the websites where I scooped up these clothes I realized that there are some awesome sales right now!  Happy Shopping!


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